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SYNCROFLEX has taken New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract to a completely new level.

SYNCROFEN MARINE is a unique formula of COLD EXTRACTED New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract and specific Amino Acids which are the DNA of life with an affinity to support the muscular skeletal system during hard work or strenuous exercise.

A recent clinical scientific in vitro study has proven that the Mussel extract from cold extracted mussels has a 40% - 80% higher bio activity and effectiveness than mussel extract processed conventionally.

The extract used in the SYNCROFEN MARINE formula is solely gained from cold extracted mussels to preserve optimum bio activity.

The specific blend of cold extracted New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract and selected highly absorbable amino acids make SYNCROFEN MARINE the perfect supplement to complete a balanced diet during hard work to optimize effortless motion and alleviate symptoms caused through stress or old age.

Available in 3 sizes:

60g         20 days supply                   $42.-   RRP

360g       120 days supply                 $115.- RRP

500g       160 days supply                 $165.- RRP

1.2kg                                                  $285.- RRP

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