Trust Sweet Iron Eggbut Medium Port "Happy Tounge"

Trust Sweet Iron Eggbut Medium Port "Happy Tounge"

  • $199.00

The Sweet Iron Eggbut with medium port with a straight mouth piece with tongue port gives more pressure on the layers and keeps the tongue free.

Trust bits are handcrafted of stainless steel combined with their signature blue-flamed sweet iron to encourage salivation and bit acceptance. The mouthpiece is anatomically shaped for the best fit in the horse’s mouth. Attention to detail shows in every Trust bit.

Sweet iron oxidizes in contact with air which creates the sweet taste horses enjoy, and naturally stimulates saliva production thus encouraging the horse to take a contact. The oxidation process changes the blue colour of the new Trust bit to a soft brown patina. If the bit is unused for a period of time, excess oxidation is simply wiped away with a damp cloth.

Anatomically shaped, 16 mm thick

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