Vetadine PVP Iodine Spray – 450ml

Vetadine PVP Iodine Spray – 450ml

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Vetadine contains PVP iodine, a non-toxic, non-irritant, non-stinging germicide making it the ideal treatment to use on wounds, abscesses, burns and fungal infections. Use Vetadine PVP iodine spray to prevent local infections of the navel and after castration and dehorning, suitable for cut teats and udder wounds. MAF approved for use in dairies, so can be sprayed on teats during lactation and at drying off to assist the control of mastitis.

For the treatment of:

For the treatment of wounds, ringworm and footrot.

Product benefits:

  • Non-toxic form of Iodine.
  • Non-irritant.

Dose Rate:
Shake well before use. For topical use only.
Spray at a distance of 8-15cm from wound. Usually one spray is sufficient to prevent infection.
If used therapeutically when infection is present, treatment may be repeated several times daily and continued as required.

Withholding periods:

Milk and Meat: Nil.

Active Constituents